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PAR 35W/70W/100W/150W

XGY ceramic metal halide PAR lamps give a unique combination of excellent light quality and consistent performance over lifetime, while keeping costs low. XGY ceramic metal halide lamps deliver consistent white light and higher color rendering than any standard metal halide source for shopping mall, theater and conference room etc..

  • Description
    Easy installation
  • Energy-efficient alternative to incandescent and halogen lamps.
  • Improved lumen maintenance over standard metal halide.
  • Lamp to lamp color consistency over life.
  • High color rendering and superior color stability -- within +/- 200 K
  • No lead
  • Operates on existing electronic and electromagnetic ballasts
  • Reduced fading of fabrics and paintings
  • Display and accent lighting in retail and architectural lighting, such as shopping mall, theater, expo or conference room etc.

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