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The XGY Horticultural lamps provide more PAR and PPF per watt than HPS/MH, richest spectrum, closest choice to sunlight.

  • Description
  • Efficient growth lighting in professional greenhouse
  • More-lumens and spectral distribution optimized for photosynthesis efficiency
  • Blue output for healthy plant growth and robustness
  • CMH lamps have more umol output within the PAR spetral range (PAR)
  • Long reliable lifetime combined with high light efficacy
  • Hoticultural lighting
Model Lumen Wattage Light Efficiency PPF Burning Position CCT CRI Lifetime Length Diameter
CMH-TD 90,000 945W 92 1,500 Horizontal±15° 4,200K ≥95 10,000 395 32.5
CMH-TD 110,000 945W 110 1,780 Horizontal±15° 3,100K ≥90 10,000 395 32.5

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