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TT 70W/100W/150W

XGY ceramic metal halide TT lampsusein outdoor offering efficient and pleasant white light, with clear tubular outer bulb shape.

  • Description
•White warm color providing comfort and safety • Easy replaceHPS and mercury-vaporwith white light without additional cost • Best combination of low investment and high energy savings(up to 50%), resulting invery low cost of ownership
• High-quality white light • Directly retrofit on HPSand mercury-vaporinstallations for upgrade from yellow to white light • High efficacy with high light output and improved lumenmaintenance • Good color rendering and harmonized warm white color temperature
• Grow lighting: ideal for plants’ growth • Beautification and functional lighting for City centers, shopping centers and pedestrianareas, residential areas,road lighting and floodlighting
Model Lumen Wattage Burning Position Base CCT CRI Lifetime Length Diameter
CMH-TT 6100LM 70W Horizonta±45° E26/E27 4200K ≥90 15,000 156 38
CMH-TT 6300LM 70W Horizonta±45° E26/E27 3000K ≥80 15,000 156 38
CMH-TT 8800LM 100W Horizonta±45° E26/E27/E39/E40 4200K ≥90 15,000 210 46
CMH-TT 9000LM 100W Horizonta±45° E26/E27/E39/E40 3000K ≥80 15,000 210 46
CMH-TT 12500LM 150W Horizonta±45° E39/E40 4200K ≥90 15,000 210 46
CMH-TT 13500LM 150W Horizonta±45° E39/E40 3000K ≥80 15,000 210 46

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