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CMH-TC 35W/70W

XGY ceramic metal halide TC lamps are single-ended, very compact, high-efficient, with a stable color and a crisp, sparkling light.

  • Description
• Long lifetime compared with incandescent and halogen lamps • UV-Blockouter bulb for reduced fading risks • Stable color over entire life • High light efficiency results in low operating costs and low heat generation whichenhances comfort for shoppers and staff)
• Crisp sparkling white light • High color quality (high CRI) • Small-size luminaires design, but gives high beam intensity
• General and decorative lighting • Accent and display lighting with sparkling effect
Model Lumen Wattage Burning Position Base CCT CRI Lifetime Length Diameter
CMH-TC 3200LM 35W Vertical±45° G8.5 4200K ≥90 10,000 85 15
CMH-TC 3500LM 35W Vertical±45° G8.5 3000K ≥80 10,000 85 15
CMH-TC 6200LM 70W Vertical±45° G8.5 4200K ≥90 10,000 85 15
CMH-TC 6500LM 70W Vertical±45° G8.5 3000K ≥80 10,000 85 15

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