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Xenon lights

Update:07 Nov 2017

Also known as high-intensity discharge lamp, English ab […]

Also known as high-intensity discharge lamp, English abbreviation HID
1, power saving. Most of the original vehicle halogen headlamps most need to consume up and down 60W of electricity, HID gas discharge headlamps in the stable operation of the ballast, only 35W of electricity to supply xenon light bulb. Greatly reduce the burden on the car power system, a corresponding increase in vehicle performance.
2, brightness. ID lights can output up to 3200Lm brightness, and most halogen lamps can only produce up to 1000Lumen up and down the brightness. In other words, the brightness of the car xenon headlights increased by 300%, brighter, wider, farther, let off any dark corner. (Note: Lm, brightness unit, commonly known as "lumens.")
3, high color temperature comfort. The 6000K color temperature light emitted by the ID lamp is the color temperature close to daylight effect, and the highest degree of human acceptability and comfort. Such lighting used in the vehicle's night lighting, can effectively reduce the driver's visual fatigue, direct driving safety has significantly improved.

4, long life. Halogen lamp is the use of tungsten to light, tungsten in the long-term high heat, easy to evaporate fuse; and because Xenon headlamps do not have tungsten wire, so there is no tungsten wire fracture, the service life of up to about 2000-3000 hours
5, easy to install. Just plug the headlight into the ballast input, connect and fix the bulb (xenon lamp holder is the same as original halogen lamp holder). No need to change the original parts of the vehicle.
6, safety. Throw the product in the water still work, will not burst because of soaking or water vapor and other factors.

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