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Xenon headlamps consumer choice

Update:30 Jan 2018

1. Xenon lamp color temperature is not as high as possi […]

1. Xenon lamp color temperature is not as high as possible, generally between 4000K --- 6000K, if reached 8000K or 10000K, the lighting effect but decreased, xenon lamp color temperature 4300K, 6000K, 9000K and so on.

2.HID system will produce high voltage, the owner try not to modify or disassemble.

3. The owner can choose the appropriate product according to the road conditions, fatigue and economic conditions often encountered.

4.HID lighting system will produce a strong white light, it is best not to look directly at the light source.

5. Care should be taken when car washing, it is best to turn off the light 5 minutes after the car wash to prevent sudden impact of cold water, damage to the xenon lamp system.

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