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Why is xenon lamp lighter than ordinary lights?

Update:24 Oct 2017

1. Xenon lamp color temperature and sunlight similar, b […]

1. Xenon lamp color temperature and sunlight similar, but with more green and blue components, so showing blue and white light. This blue and white light has greatly improved the road signs and signs of brightness.
2.HID higher than the halogen lamp three times the brightness efficiency, to enhance the night and fog driving sight clarity has a significant effect.
3. Xenon lamp luminous flux is more than 2 times the halogen lamp, while the energy conversion to light energy efficiency than the halogen lamp more than 70%, so the xenon lamp has a relatively high energy density and light intensity, while the operating current is only halogen Half of the time. Improve the brightness of the car lights also effectively expand the front of the visual range, thus creating a more safe driving conditions.
4. Power 1/2, halogen lamps consume less than 60W of electricity, xenon lights only 35W of electricity.
5. As the xenon lamp is not filament, so there will not be due to filament off and scrapped the problem, the service life is much longer than the halogen lamp, xenon lamp life is equivalent to the average life cycle of the car all the running time.
6. xenon lamp failure in the event of an instant will not be extinguished, but by gradually darkening the way off, so that drivers can win time in the night driving, emergency * side parking.
7. Xenon lamp will not produce extra glare, will not be on the front of the car to the driver caused interference.

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