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High intensity gas discharge lamp

Update:18 Oct 2017

   These lamps are high-pressure discharge lamps, chara […]

   These lamps are high-pressure discharge lamps, characterized by short high-intensity arc discharge tube, usually outside the discharge tube with a certain shape of the glass or quartz shell, the shell is transparent or frosted, or coated with a layer of fluorescence Powder to increase red radiation. Divided into:
   High pressure mercury lamp (HPMV): the simplest high-intensity gas discharge lamp, the discharge occurs in the mercury vapor in the quartz tube, the discharge tube is usually installed in the outer glass shell coated with phosphor. High pressure mercury lamp only moderate light efficiency and color, and therefore mainly used in outdoor lighting and some industrial and mining enterprises of indoor lighting.
   High pressure sodium lamp (HPS): the need for ceramic arc tube, it can withstand more than 1000 ℃ corrosive sodium vapor corrosion. The ceramic tube is installed in glass or quartz so that it is isolated from the air. In all high-intensity gas discharge lamps, high-pressure sodium lamp has the highest luminous efficiency and has a long life (24,000 hours), so it is the ideal light source for downtown, car park and factory lighting. In these cases, moderate color rendering can meet the needs. Color-enhanced and white-type high-pressure sodium lamp is also available, but this is to reduce the cost of light efficiency.
   Metal halide lamps (M-H): the most complex of high-intensity gas discharge lamps, which are produced by the excitation of metal atoms, usually including several metal elements. The metal element is introduced in the form of a metal halide and can emit white light with good color rendering. The discharge tube is made of quartz or ceramic and is similar to a high pressure sodium lamp. The discharge tube is housed in a glass bulb or a long tubular quartz case. Widely used in the need for high luminous efficiency, high quality white all the occasions. Typical applications include shot lighting, down lighting, flood lighting and condenser lighting. Compact metal halide lamps are particularly suitable where precise light control is required.

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