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Update:31 Oct 2017

HID for High Intensity Discharge abbreviation, that is, […]

HID for High Intensity Discharge abbreviation, that is, high-pressure gas discharge lamp, it is the principle of light is 12V voltage boost to 23000V ultra-high voltage, excited to fill in the quartz tube of xenon, make it light! And then turn the voltage into 85V or so, the stability of the supply of xenon bulbs continue to light! Daytime sun's color temperature 5000K, HID light is close to the sun's white! In addition, HID also avoid the general halogen light easy to oxidize and the longer the light, the darker the light the troubled, wide and long lighting distance!

1, brightness, the use of the same wattage of the HID, the brightness is about 2 to 3 times the tungsten lamp! Although the xenon lamp light arc and halogen lamp tungsten wire length similar to the diameter, but the luminous efficiency and lamp brightness are improved by nearly 3 times!

2, energy saving, and tungsten compared to light, can save nearly half of the energy! Air conditioning, GPS car phones and other equipment need to consume power, and automotive lighting headlamps is one of the largest power auto parts! Saving half of the power advantage is obvious!

3, long life, because there is no light operation is not the traditional light easily broken defects, HID life has increased nearly 10 times, you can use up to 2000 ~ 3000 hours! 4, security, in fact, this is the biggest charm of HID! Many of the owners used HID reaction, installed HID lights good line of sight, night driving safety greatly improved!

4,This is mainly because the HID lamp brings more light and intensity than the simple, near-light settings more effective, can significantly improve the front of the car lighting, illuminate the signs of the roadside, the importance of these safety is undoubtedly Suspicion!

5, the emergency, due to the principle of xenon lamp and halogen light is different, when the battery power supply problems, it will extend a few seconds to extinguish, so that owners have some time to deal with emergencies False xenon lights mostly by improving the halogen Of the voltage, resulting in high brightness to cheat consumers, then, how to discerning lights, to distinguish between true and false xenon lamp it? False xenon lamp performance is generally used: First, the high temperature, there are high temperature burning lamps, but also the burning of the lamp holder! Second, the effect is poor, and HID comparison, bright enough, poor color! Moreover, its power consumption, to use the enhanced line, installed after the phenomenon of idle instability will occur! So, this need to buy the process of bright eyes, cost is poor, due to power consumption, high speed, high fuel consumption, and some to replace the imported spark plug, in order to ensure power supply system! So, this need to buy in the process of bright eyes, choose the quality of guaranteed xenon lamp, so, can also achieve excellent results!

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