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HID xenon lamp color temperature do you understand?

Update:21 Nov 2017

 With the development of the times, the increasingly po […]

 With the development of the times, the increasingly popularization of cars and the improvement of people's quality of life, I believe many people spare or modify their own cars in their free time. The modification of the lights is also one of the more important aspects for owners. Many car owners The lack of knowledge of the lights, HID xenon lamp do not understand, there are a lot of the pursuit of more cool and cool to use high color temperature chaos change phenomenon, turn on the headlights of his car is dazzled, but others were convicted, the following Popular science about HID xenon lamp color temperature problem to explain:
HID Xenon lights are generally 12 volts 35W, operating voltage 8V-32V, energy-saving and energy saving. Operating temperature -40 to 85 degrees. HID xenon lamp is the use of electronic excitation gas glow, there is no tungsten wire, so the longer life, about 3000 hours, while the halogen lamp is only 300 hours.
Color temperature options: Xenon lamp as an advanced lighting technology used in cars and motorcycles, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and other luxury cars at home and abroad have been in the original car before the factory has been supporting the installation, the general color temperature range of Xenon lamp is 3000K- 12000K.
3000K-gold light, strong penetration, suitable for rainy days, commonly used in fog lights
4300K-yellow, similar to the ordinary lamp, strong penetrating power
5000K-light white slightly yellow, strong penetrating power
6000K - light all white, like noon sunlight, visual comfort, penetration and comfort best
8000K-white with blue, penetrating power than 6000K weak, it is recommended not to use more than the K number of bulbs
10000K-white slightly blue, the higher the K number, the more light the light is emitted, the weaker the rain and fog penetration
12000K-white than blue-violet
Super bright and comfortable: xenon lamp is three times the general effect of halogen light, and the more the more bright, light color close to noon sunlight, condenser, start fast, increase traffic safety. General 55W halogen lamp can only produce 1000 lumens of light, and 35W xenon lamp can produce 3200 lumens of light, luminosity increased by about 300%, it is recommended to use 4300K-6000K color temperature xenon lamp, not only has long and ultra-wide-angle Wide field of vision, but also bring you unprecedented driving comfort; so no darkness at night, the vision is more clear, can greatly reduce the traffic accident rate.

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