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HID brings efficiency and safety to the car

Update:16 Jan 2018

The former halogen lamp glows through a light-emitting […]

The former halogen lamp glows through a light-emitting system (filament) with a DC voltage of 12 volts. In contrast, HID lamps do not need to replace the need for filament damage. Another advantage is that the HID lamp consumes only 50% of the halogen lamp, its luminosity is 3 times the current product, and the service life is 5 times that of the halogen lamp. Because the HID system consumes only 35W of power, it consumes less energy and brings efficiency and security to the car.
Specifically the following characteristics:
1, three times the brightness output
Usually in the calculation of the brightness of the unit called "Lumen", xenon headlamps can output up to 3200Lumen brightness, and most halogen bulbs can only produce up to 1000Lumen brightness; HID higher than the traditional halogen lamp three times Brightness efficiency, for improving night vision and fog visibility driving effect has obvious effect.
2, color temperature comfort
The so-called color temperature just explain what kind of temperature produced by the light color, the lower the temperature, the color temperature light will be reddish, otherwise blue, while the light color is about 6000K is the most white and slightly turned blue color temperature, Also closest to the color of midday sun, the highest degree of human acceptance and comfort. Such lighting used in the vehicle's night lighting, can effectively reduce the driver's visual fatigue, for driving safety is also indirectly helpful.
3, several times the product life
Ordinary halogen light is the principle of tungsten filament fever, while the tungsten in the long-term high fever, it is difficult to ensure that does not burn broken; and xenon lamp is the use of current to stimulate the gas glow, basically does not produce too much temperature, as long as Xenon has not run out, it can always be normal light, not easy to damage! According to one study, even higher quality halogen bulbs, can only be used continuously for up to 400 hours; the use of gas-emitting xenon bulbs, a minimum of 2500 hours of life, it means you in the normal conditions of the car Next, a group of HID gas discharge lamp enough you spend more than 6 years!
4, about 1/2 of the power consumption
Most of the original vehicle halogen headlamps most need to consume up and down 60W of electricity, the Cape brand HID gas discharge headlamps average only 35W of electricity to supply xenon bulb light; as to save the power, not equivalent to indirectly save Oil money?
5, dust and water anti-fog, double loop automatic anti-pressure protection.
6, more cost-effective, a car a life of light, no lights, a new car save money lamp life.
7, more quality service: 100 days a free test, replacement one year, three years repair package, life-long maintenance.
8, HID use UV-cut UV crystal glass, Yong-saving lights crystal clear.

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