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HID and halogen the main difference

Update:03 Jan 2018

The main difference between a xenon lamp and a halogen […]

The main difference between a xenon lamp and a halogen lamp is that the former emits light by gas ionization and the latter emits light by heating the tungsten wire. Although the xenon lamp luminous arc halogen lamp with a tungsten length of the same diameter, but luminous efficiency and brightness increased 3 times. Because there is no filament, there is no defect of traditional lamp fragile, life expectancy has increased by nearly 10 times. According to the test, a 35-watt xenon light source produces three times the luminous flux of a 55-watt halogen lamp for about the same life as a car. Therefore, the installation of xenon lamps not only can reduce power consumption, but also a corresponding increase in the performance of vehicles, more for every bustling city made a contribution to environmental protection and energy saving, xenon lamp to replace halogen lamps will be the trend of development of the car.
HID advantages
The former halogen lamp glows through a light-emitting system (filament) with a DC voltage of 12 volts. In contrast, HID lamps do not need to replace the need for filament damage. Another advantage is that the HID lamp consumes only 50% of the halogen lamp, its luminosity is 3 times the current product, and the service life is 5 times that of the halogen lamp. Because the HID system consumes only 35W of power, it consumes less energy and brings efficiency and security to the car.

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