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Automotive Xenon headlights basics

Update:19 Dec 2017

1、High brightness Xenon lights than the average headlig […]

1、High brightness

Xenon lights than the average headlights (traditional halogen) 23 times bright, close to the color and intensity of sunlight, starting from slightly white turn blue.

According to statistics, 22 %% of nighttime traffic accidents are caused by lack of lighting, lag of vehicle owners and ineffective measures. Older owners generally need light intensity more than 10 times that of young people, especially in the rain, snow and fog. obvious. Some high-end cars have been installed xenon headlights, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and other models.

2、 Energy saving

Xenon lamp power consumption is half the average headlight, halogen lamp 60 watts of power consumption per hour, while the average xenon lamp 35 watts.

3. Relatively long life

Xenon lamp life is 10 times the general headlights, generally more than 6 years.

4、Composition of xenon headlights

Xenon headlamps is composed of ballast, light bulbs, wire and other components, the ballast is 12V DC into high voltage triggering electricity, ballasts make xenon lamp, the brightness of the same, the output power is constant.

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